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The information shown in this page was generated using the cross-referenced linkage within public domain database between their strains and BCRC related strains. Usually the information provided from public domain databases varies with diffent confidences and errors, BCRC provides the related information here at best effort, but BCRC doesn't take the responsibility about the correctness of the information provided here.

Taxonomy Citation ID Reference
24526 Alazard  D, Joseph  M, Battaglia-Brunet  F, Cayol  JL, Ollivier  B,     ( 2010 )

Desulfosporosinus acidiphilus sp. nov.: a moderately acidophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from acid mining drainage sediments : New taxa: Firmicutes (Class Clostridia, Order Clostridiales, Family Peptococcaceae).

Extremophiles : life under extreme conditions 14 (3)
PMID : 20358236 DOI  :   10.1007/s00792-010-0309-4    
Abstract >>
An obligately anaerobic, spore-forming, acidophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium, strain SJ4(T), was isolated from an acid mining effluent decantation pond sediment sample (pH around 3.0). Cells were Gram negative, non-motile, curved rods occurring singly. Strain SJ4(T) grew at pH 3.6-5.5 with an optimum at pH 5.2. Strain SJ4(T) utilized H(2), lactate, pyruvate, glycerol, glucose, and fructose as electron donors. Lactate and glucose were weakly used. Sulfate was used as electron acceptors, but not sulfite, elemental sulfur, arsenate (V), and fumarate. The G + C content of genomic DNA was 42.3 mol% (HPLC). 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis indicated that strain SJ4(T) belonged to the genus Desulfosporosinus within the family Peptococcaceae in the phylum Firmicutes. The level of 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity with other Desulfosporosinus species was 94.7-96.2%, D. orientis DSM 765(T) (similarity of 96.2%) and D. auripigmenti DSM 13351(T) (similarity of 95%) being its closest relatives. DNA-DNA relatedness values with D. orientis and D. auripigmenti were 16.5 and 31.8%, respectively. On the basis of phenotypic, phylogenetic, and genetic characteristics, strain SJ4(T) represents a novel species within the genus Desulfosporosinus, for which the name Desulfosporosinus acidiphilus sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is SJ4(T) (=DSM 22704(T) = JCM 16185(T)).
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33427 Validation List No. 145: "List of new names and new combinations previously effectively, but not validly, published." Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. (2012) 62:1017-1019.

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