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The information shown in this page was generated using the cross-referenced linkage within public domain database between their strains and BCRC related strains. Usually the information provided from public domain databases varies with diffent confidences and errors, BCRC provides the related information here at best effort, but BCRC doesn't take the responsibility about the correctness of the information provided here.

Taxonomy Citation ID Reference
43642 Singh  H, Du  J, Trinh  H, Won  K, Yang  JE, Yin  C, Kook  M, Yi  TH,     ( 2016 )

Nocardioides albidus sp. nov., an actinobacterium isolated from garden soil.

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 66 (1)
PMID : 26530636 DOI  :   10.1099/ijsem.0.000730    
Abstract >>
A novel bacterial strain, designated THG-S11.7T, was isolated from garden soil in Incheon, South Korea. Cells of the strain were Gram-stain-positive, aerobic, non-motile cocci, and were catalase- and oxidase-positive. Colonies of the strain were white. Strain THG-S11.7T grew optimally at 28 �XC, at pH 7.0 and in the presence of 2.0 % NaCl. 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis indicated that the strain was a member of the genus Nocardioides. Strain THG-S11.7T showed a 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity of 98.2 % to Nocardioides kongjuensis KCTC 19054T, 98.0 % to Nocardioides caeni KCTC 19600T, 97.9 % to Nocardioides daeguensis KCTC 19799T, 97.8 % to Nocardioides nitrophenolicus KCTC 047BPT, 97.6 % to Nocardioides aromaticivorans KACC 20613T, 97.5 % to Nocardioides simplex KACC 20620T and 97.0 % to Nocardioides ginsengisoli KCTC 19135T. DNA-DNA relatedness values between strain THG-S11.7T and the closest phylogenetic neighbours were below 45.0 % and the DNA G+C content of strain THG-S11.7T was 72.2 mol%. Strain THG-S11.7T was characterized chemotaxonomically as having ll-diaminopimelic acid in the cell-wall peptidoglycan and menaquinone MK-8(H4) as the predominant isoprenoid quinone. The major phospholipid was determined to be diphosphatidylglycerol. The major cellular fatty acids of strain THG-S11.7T were iso-C15 : 0, C16 : 0 and iso-C16 : 0. Based on the phenotypic, genotypic and phylogenetic analyses, it is proposed that the isolate represents a novel species of the genus Nocardioides, for which the name Nocardioides albidus sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is THG-S11.7T (= KCTC 39607T = CCTCC AB 2015297T).
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