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The information shown in this page was generated using the cross-referenced linkage within public domain database between their strains and BCRC related strains. Usually the information provided from public domain databases varies with different confidences and errors, BCRC provides the related information here at best effort, but BCRC doesn't take the responsibility about the correctness of the information provided here.

Taxonomy Citation ID Reference
37686     ( 2013 )

Reclassification of Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. dhakensis Huys et al. 2002 and Aeromonas aquariorum Mart?nez-Murcia et al. 2008 as Aeromonas dhakensis sp. nov. comb nov. and emendation of the species Aeromonas hydrophila.

Systematic and applied microbiology 36 (3)
PMID : 23485124 DOI  :   10.1016/j.syapm.2012.12.007    
Abstract >>
Previous studies indicate that Aeromonas aquariorum and Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. dhakensis are the same taxon and suggest that they should be synonymized. Using a polyphasic approach, the phenotypic and phylogenetic relationship of A. aquariorum with the 3 defined A. hydrophila subspecies (i.e. dhakensis, hydrophila, ranae) was investigated. Phylogenetic trees derived from the 16S rRNA, rpoD or gyrB genes and a multilocus phylogenetic analysis (with the concatenated sequences of gyrB, rpoD, recA, dnaJ and gyrA) confirmed that both A. aquariorum and A. hydrophila subsp. dhakensis are a unique taxon, different from the other A. hydrophila subspecies, corroborating the phenotypic and DNA-DNA hybridization (DDH) results. A formal synonymization of A. aquariorum and A. hydrophila subsp. dhakensis and a reclassification of both as Aeromonas dhakensis sp. nov. comb nov. is therefore proposed.
KeywordMeSH Terms
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2759 Skerman, V.B.D., McGowan, V., and Sneath, P.H.A. (editors). "Approved lists of bacterial names." Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. (1980) 30:225-420. [No PubMed record available.]
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5553     ( 1976 )

A taxonomic study of the Aeromonas hydrophila-Aeromonas punctata group.

Journal of general microbiology 94 (1)
PMID : 932684 DOI  :   10.1099/00221287-94-1-11    
Abstract >>
A total of 203 characters has been determined for 68 strains of Aeromonas belonging to the Aeromonas hydrophila-A. punctata group. The results have been subjected to computer analysis using the coefficient of Jaccard-Sneath and the strains clustered by the method of aggregation according to the variance. The 68 strains can be divided into two well-segregated classes on the basis of 59 variable characters, of which seven are of diagnostic value. The two classes are considered as two separate species. The first one (42 strains) is assigned to the type species of the genus, A. hydrophila, and it appears that the species name, A. punctata, is an illegitimate synonym for A. hydrophila. The second (26 strains) constitutes a new species for which the name A. sobria sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain of this new species has been deposited under the reference CIP7433 (our strain 208).
KeywordMeSH Terms
5564 Breed, R.S., Murray, E.G.D., and Hitchens, A.P. (Editors). Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bactgeriology, 6th ed. (1948) Williams and Wilkins Co., Baltimore. pp. 1-1529. [No PubMed record available.]
5509 Stanier  RY,     ( 1943 )

A Note on the Taxonomy of Proteus Hydrophilus.

Journal of bacteriology 46 (2)
PMID : 16560691 PMC  :   PMC373806    
Abstract >>
KeywordMeSH Terms
11565 Buchanan, R.E., and Gibbons, N.E. (editors): Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 8th edition. The Williams and Wilkins Co., Balitmore, 1974. [Description] [No PubMed record available.]
25966 Miñana-Galbis  D, Farf?n  M, Lorén  JG, Fusté  MC,     ( 2010 )

The reference strain Aeromonas hydrophicla CIP 57.50 should be reclassified as Aeromonas salmonicida CIP 57.50.

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 60 (Pt 3)
PMID : 19965992 DOI  :   10.1099/ijs.0.017939-0    
Abstract >>
The use of reference strains is a critical element for the quality control of different assays, from the development of molecular methods to the evaluation of antimicrobial activities. Most of the strains used in these assays are not type strains and some of them are cited erroneously because of subsequent reclassifications and descriptions of novel species. In this study, we propose that the reference strain Aeromonas hydrophila CIP 57.50 be reclassified as Aeromonas salmonicida CIP 57.50 based on phenotypic characterization and sequence analyses of the cpn60, dnaJ, gyrB and rpoD genes.
KeywordMeSH Terms
41038 Notification of changes in taxonomic opinion previously published outside the IJSEM. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. (2015) 65:7-10.

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